PaletteBar is a alternative component palette for Delphi 6, Delphi 7 and C++Builder 6, featuring fast access to the installed components. It offers many extension the common component palette in the Delphi IDE.

Here are the Features:

  • Drag & Drop components from PaletteBar to your form
  • Full dockable with the IDE
  • Supports IDE version without CLX-Support (D6 Personal and D7 Personal)
  • Meta categories: Put the conventional categories (represented as tabs in the common palette) in "meta categories" for fast and simple access.
  • Favourites: Put your most used components to a favourites list
  • History: Have the last used components always in the history list, even from session to session * Sort component list in alphabetical or reverse order
  • Search components by name, simple enter “button” and get all componentens with the word “button” in it. Search entries are saved from session to session.
  • Call help for components direct from PaletteBar
  • Multi language: Actual you can choose between English, French, German and Portuguese, and Turkey… (Note: only for the official version, not for the beta!)

Download file includes:

  • PaletteBar executables
  • Full source code
  • 4.00 beta included
  • documentation
  • Freeware!