PaletteBar is a alternative component palette for Delphi 6, Delphi 7 and C++Builder 6, featuring fast access to the installed components. It offers many extension the common component palette in the Delphi IDE.

Here are the Features:

  • Drag & Drop components from PaletteBar to your form
  • Full dockable with the IDE
  • Supports IDE version without CLX-Support (D6 Personal and D7 Personal)
  • Meta categories: Put the conventional categories (represented as tabs in the common palette) in "meta categories" for fast and simple access.
  • Favourites: Put your most used components to a favourites list
  • History: Have the last used components always in the history list, even from session to session * Sort component list in alphabetical or reverse order
  • Search components by name, simple enter “button” and get all componentens with the word “button” in it. Search entries are saved from session to session.
  • Call help for components direct from PaletteBar
  • Multi language: Actual you can choose between English, French, German and Portuguese, and Turkey… (Note: only for the official version, not for the beta!)

Download file includes:

  • PaletteBar executables
  • Full source code
  • 4.00 beta included
  • documentation
  • Freeware!


Palettebar is FREEWARE

PaletteBar is Freeware. Freeware means, that you can use this software without paying anything for it. This software is protected under the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union and other countries. Please note, that I can’t take any warranty for the function of this software on any machine or software environment. You have to use it for your own risk! Copyright © by Peter Hellinger Software.


To install PaletteBar follow the simple steps below. Please make sure, that your IDE is not running while you are installing PaletteBar!

Palettebar works with the following Borland IDEs

  • C++Builder 6
  • Delphi 6 Personal Edition
  • Delphi 6 Standard / Professional / Enterprise
  • Delphi 7 Personal Edition
  • Delphi 7 Professional / Enterprise / Architect

Run the SETUP.EXE setup program.

    Please select the version you like to install.

  • Use Archit ect, Enterprise, Professional for PaletteBar with CLX-Support
  • Use Standard, Personal Edition for IDE without CLX

The setup program copys all necessary files to the folder you have chosen. After setup, PaletteBar is ready to use. Please look for the documentation in palettebar.pdf for more details. You can find the file after the installation in the directory palettebar is installed.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here are some often asked questens about PaletteBar.

  • Why did PaletteBar lool like CompBar?
    In spring 2003 I take the upgrade from Delphi 6 to Delphi 7. Until this time I used CompBar from dageek. I find it very useful. But I wonder: There is no version for Delphi7 available at this time. Dageek seems not to answer email (later I find out, that he is in very bead health), and development on CompBar has stopped. So I decide to write my own CompBar clone for Delphi 7. I like the look and feel of CompBar and so I designed it as CompBar. I've made a lot of extensions I have missed in CompBar and released it as freeware to the public.
  • Can I hide the PaletteBar entry in the IDEs main menu?
    Yes. Simply call the configuration dialog, and switch off the menu entry. Please note that the menu can not swichted off, if the toolbar is not displayed!
  • Is it possible to switch off the toolbar?
    Yes. Simply call the configuration dialog, and switch off the toolbar visible entry or switch off from the toolbar context menu. Please note that the toolbar can not swichted off, if the menu is not displayed!
  • Will there be a version for Delphi 5?
    I’m sorry, I did not own a Delphi 5 compiler so I could not make a special Delphi 5 version. Use CompBar instead, it runs still with Delphi 5.
  • What about further development?
    I’m running out of time to develop PaletteBar in the future. My job as a constructional engineer did not left me enough time for programming. So I decide to release the source code of the latest Beta for developing through other people.


Place it anywhere on your desktop, the window remembers size, position and whether it was opened the last time you ran the IDE. Also you can dock it anywhere in the IDE. Please remember to save your IDE-Desktop to restore docking state at next loading.

Version History

Current official version: 3.32 - 12.12.2003
There is also a Beta-Version called 4.00b!

Version 4.00-Beta, 27.09.2005 Released the source of current Beta of PaletteBar, because I run out of time to do the final work on it.

Version 3.32, 12.12.2003 Fixed initialisation problem: (only one category filled when loaded)

Version 3.31, 04.12.2003 Fixed problem with component icons

Version 3.30, 12.10.2003

  • Added Turkish language file
  • Added browse buttons to the header line
  • Categories Dialog: a category can now dragged to the Others section
  • Changed way to get the component images and relations.

Version 3.21, 16.09.2003

  • Fixed access violation with menu and closed PaletteBar dialog
  • Added French language file

Version 3.20, 14.09.2003

  • The toolbar can now totally removed, if the menu is displayed in the IDEs mainmenu.
  • In the edit field, you can use now the ??? as a placeholder for any character
  • smaller size, loads now faster
  • Bug at loading new components fixed

Version 3.15, 01.09.2003

  • New A2Z-Toolbar
  • Added Save-Feature to the search field
  • Supports IDE version without CLX-Support (D6/D7 Personal)
  • IDE crash fixed again (grmblfx!)

Version 3.00, 01.08.2003

  • Supports now docking
  • Complete internal redesign
  • New configuration dialog
  • IDE crash fixed again

Version 2.02, 29.06.2003

  • IDE crashed at shutdown
  • Components not inserted on datamodule (fixed)

Version 2.01, 28.06.2003 Fixed bug with changing languages

Version 2.00, 27.06.2003

  • Runs now with Delphi 6 and C++Builder 6
  • Code optimized
  • Actual Form feature added
  • Added multiple meta categories
  • Add support for individual languages
  • Extend configuration capabilities
  • Iimproved Edit Categories dialog

Version 1.02, 15.06.2003 CLX-Problems solved

Version 1.01, 15.06.2003 Adding support for Toolbar positioning

Version 1.00, 14.06.2003 First Release